Unwrap God's Priceless Gift This Christmas

Now with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, we can fully embrace the Christmas season. For some this will mean putting up Christmas lights, for others a Christmas tree, and certainly for most, it means Christmas shopping. And yet, the unfortunate truth is that in the midst of all of our Christmas preparations we can easily lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas. For generations the real meaning of Christmas has been replaced by a commercial one. Earlier generations will remember grabbing the annual Sears Christmas Wish Book to circle everything they wanted for Christmas. It is no wonder that Christmas has become synonymous with giving and receiving presents, and yet there may be a bib

Numbering Our Days

Today our youngest child leaves his teenage years behind with his 20th birthday; my wife and I have our 60th looming ahead of us. On reaching such milestones we commonly reflect on the past and consider our hopes for the future. While the particulars of our future are unknown, we know that with each year the finish line is coming closer. Psalm 90 speaks about life, aging and the questions of death. It offers us insight into how we can realize the hope that God offers those who cry out for His favor to rest upon them. The Psalm opens with a side by side comparison of God’s eternal nature and our finite existence. This helps us put into perspective the matters of this life. While most would li

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