Our Striving Would Be Losing

Our church has been working through the Bible from start to finish; from Genesis to Revelation in 30 weeks. In examining the lives of the men and women of the Old Testament, I have been struck by the honesty with which their stories are told. Because their sins are not glossed over we are invited in to see God at work in both their glorious victories as they walk closely with the Lord as well as their epic failures as they turn away and do things their own way. We should find great encouragement in seeing how God uses common men and women like us who are less than perfect. However, in realizing this I wonder why we often feel pressure to be someone different than we are? Someone more righteo

Does Truth Matter?

The April 3 issue of Time asked in bold red letters, “Is Truth Dead?” Fifty-one years earlier they asked a similar question, “Is God Dead?” with the same bold red letters and font. That article opened asking, “Is God dead? It is a question that tantalizes both believers, who perhaps secretly fear that he is, and atheists, who possibly suspect that the answer is no.” I was hopeful that this article would reflect on our cultures shift on the importance of truth – alas, it was just a political article speaking of President Trump’s failure to embrace “truth.” Easter reminds the Christian how their hope hangs in the truthfulness of the biblical claim that Jesus rose from the dead. It is in the re

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