'Tis the Season to Celebrate Advent

With an increasingly disproportionate emphasis on Black Friday, Thanksgiving has been reduced to a warm-up act for Christmas and Christmas has become more about the created stuff than a celebration of the incarnation of the Creator. Unless we pause to give thanks to God during the holiday season, it’s difficult to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. This is where the season of Advent is helpful; it allows us to pause and remember why we celebrate Christmas. The word advent comes from a Latin term that means “coming.” Christians celebrate Advent for the four weeks prior to Christmas to pause and consider the meaning of the coming of the child in the manger. As a kid, I never fully unders

Music For All The Saints

Music is a wonderful means of communication. However, music is a bit like ice cream; while coming in a variety of flavors, rarely will one flavor please everyone. This fact has often resulted in disagreements in churches; often, this could be easily overcome by focusing on their shared heritage rather than emphasizing differences. At our church, we have a “blended style of worship.” This means that we incorporate a mixture of hymns and modern worship songs. A pastor of a large church once told me that he believed that this was an error, for in the end no one would be pleased – but I disagreed. I believe it is healthy for us to celebrate our faith together without being distracted by preferen

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